Wednesday, 6 September 2017

American Civil War Mucket... Almost.

Last Sunday I went to the carboot sale, rummaging through a box of pots and pans I came across a stainless steel jug and a lid that fit although I wasn't sure if lid was to the pot originally I put the 2 together and asked how much... for £1 I wasn't going to say no.


I'd been on the look out for something similar but to no avail this was damned near perfect for a poormans Pathfinder/ Mors Pot. I posted my find on a FaceBook bushcraft group and someone said it would make a fair Mucket. I'd never heard of a Mucket before but I did an internet search and liked the idea.


The first thing I did was remove the handle on the lid, and attach a new one for which I used a picture hook/eyelet type thing I found in the shed that I riveted in place.

Drilling the holes for the bale handle was a little bit more awkward than I initially thought because of the thickness of the steel (a lot thicker than my previous billycan) I wedged in a piece of wood to help it keep it's shapeOnce they were measured and drilled I wasn't sure what to use for the handle, in the end I opted for a heavy duty wire coathanger until I can find something more substantial.

With the bale handle in the upright position the hooked ends inside go over the lip of the lid almost locking it in place, I could lie and say I designed and cut it that way but... it was just pure luck< for £1 and 30 minutes work I'm happy with how this turned out.

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