Saturday, 17 September 2016

Maple Seeds.

I've tried these at various times straight from the branch, they've always been a little too tannic (like acorns) for my taste buds but I'm a persistant fellow (stubborn) and this year I found some quite edible raw.

I know I could have taken them home or set up a camp fire and boiled them up at anytime but I like to find trail food and until I found these I thought it was some internet myth these were edible raw. These have gone brown where I've read the green ones are better.

Removing the hairy little pea like nut from the shell was a little trick for my fat fingers but we got there in the end, common sense tells us there should be 2 nuts but one was black and slimey looking so was disgarded.

Clear the fibres hairs from the nut, I found it easiest placing it in a fold of my T-shirt and rubbing gently between finger and thumb. Then chow down although this time I got lucky and it was quite a sweet nut there was still an aftertaste of tannin.

Easy to identify, easy to gather and easy to prepare, I will be cooking them in future I've read 10-15 minutes boil and season to taste or roasting.

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