Friday, 16 September 2016

HAIX boots updated.

A while ago I did a review of the Haix High Liability Combat Boots it's about time to catch up on them.

Where the heal was originally thinned (pre-owned boots) the sole has come away despite numerous gluing attempts it continues to break free. They're still waterproof and the leather is still good so, what to do?

Well I spotted a bargain on evilbay and went for it, I was dubious because of the low price considering new in box BUT comparing the new boot against the old and inspecting all the paperwork these appear to be the genuine article:

Really fast delivery too

I did mention what a good deal these were on P2S forum and it was the first time I've heard anything negative about these boots, problem with sizing and appearence... Appearence is horses for courses I kinda like them (but mostly I don't care) and the sizing both my pre-owned and brand new pairs has been spot on for me at a 12W.
I only mention others negative comments because not all boots will suit all feet, I bought a pair of Altberg's in my usual size a while ago and had to return them as they were a size too big.

Should I still be running the blog I'll do a more thorough review on these from new in the future.

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