Saturday, 6 August 2016

Rule 32

There are two Rule 32:

1: Pic's or it didn't happen (internet rule)
2: Enjoy the little things (Zombieland)

This post is somewhat inspired by a recent post over on but also my own philosophy "Enjoy the little things".

We're often so busy in our lives we don't stop and take notice of whats around us, many carry this busy attitude into our "relaxation" time. This is apparent in many bushcraft video's and writtings people scurrying around like busy little insects doing things, so few people take the time to just sit and be.

I was out walking with my daughters the other day, Amber bless her talked constantly for 15minutes flitting from one subject to another barely pausing for breath. As much as I enjoy her chattering I asked her quite simply "why?" to which she answered she didn't like the silence. Stood in the middle of a crop field (we followed the tractor path) I smiled at her and her sister and asked them both to listen and tell me what they heard... Beeping of a tractor in the distance, Bee's, Crows, Sparrows twittering, flap of wings and a rustle in the crops (turned out to be Pheasants 1x cock 2x hen).

Quite often when I'm out practising bushcraft, foraging or just out walking the boys I'll sit and listen try to tune into my surroundings, it's easier when alone.

 It's great fun going to the woods to practise our skills and learn new ones, sometimes it's also fun just to sit and watch to take the time to "enjoy the little things".


  1. love the post! some great photos there mate, always an abundance of things to see and hear if we are open to the idea of waiting, watching and listening

  2. You have to take time to smell the roses.