Thursday, 25 August 2016

Beach safety..

Just got back from a few days camping in Wales to read the news headlines about 5 deaths in Camber Sands, from what I saw while away honestly I'm not surprised infact I'll go as far to say I'm surprised there's not more.

The tide is out and you look out at the vast expanse of flat, empty beach so you take a stroll out to the waters edge... Before you know it you're surrounded by water because you're stood on sandbar (raised section of beach) you were so fixated on having fun, you didn't notice the water creeping in from either side and behind.

That's how it happens, it nearly happened to my wife and kids Tuesday gone, they took a stroll on the beach and I waited with the dogs and shoes,  I saw it creeping in from eitherside I saw the water to the left and right was a lot further in than where they stood. Fortunately I managed to get there attention before feeling the need to run down the beach and all ended well.

The next day same beach the lifeguards were out in force I, one approached me out at the waters edge on a quad, at first I thought he was going to rebuke me for having the dogs on the beach and unleashed but he only came to tell me the tide was coming in fast but he relaxed when I told him I was aware and that I was stood on one of 3 sandbars between the sea and safety.

Afterwards we walked along the sea front watching the lifeguards trying to encourage people away from the sandbars and even helping a few who didn't heed their warnings. These aren't the best photo's but you can clearly sea the sandbar... if you strain your eyes really hard and use your imagination.

Many of use like a bit of coastal foraging but just as you'd watch for widow makers in the woods, as always we need to be aware of our surroundings.

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  1. Nature can be a harsh mistress if you fail to pay attention. Just got back myself from a log cabin near Carmarthen.