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Karrimor Dales Mid Mens Walking Boots: REVIEW

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I understand Karrimors reputation has taken a hit in recent years, primarily since they sold out to sports direct, regardless I've yet to be disappointed so was willing to try these after reading mixed reviews.
I bought a pair of Karrimor Dales around March/April last year for around £30, I was looking for a cheap lightweight summer walking boot for bush-craft, hiking and dog walking instead of my usual combat style boots.

I originally wanted the swamp green but the store only had the charcoal, I was kind of in a hurry so went with what they had instead of waiting.

Fitting: I range from anywhere between a UK size 11 to 13 depending on make and fit, I tried the Karrimmor Dales at a size 11 and although I could get my foot in it was awfully tight even loosening the laces. Trying on a size 12 they fit perfectly, so I'd definitely recommend either trying in store before buying or buying a size up.

Now as I said previously I was in a bit of a hurry when I bought them, I kind of regretted the purchase after getting home. Not wanting to take them back and say I'd changed my mind ( sounds a bit girly and I just couldn't bring myself to do it) I thought I've got 30 days to make them fail.

Some random footage of the stuff I put these boots through:

These have been up and down hills, cross country, hard top and track, wet, dry, long grass, short
grass, deep puddles, shallow puddles and shallow streams.

I was originally going to do a youtube review but I'm more comfortable writing than sitting in front of the camera.

The official blurb:

  1. Laced with metal eyelets
  2. Weatherlite waterproof/breathable
  3. Outer material: Leather
  4. Closure: Lace-up
  5. Material Composition: Leather
  6. Reinforced toe bumper
  7. Phylon midsole
  8. Suede upper, Textile inner, Synthetic sole

I was concerned because these are held together with glue only no stitching sole to shoe, but honestly these have held up to all I threw at them in the 1st 30 days and everything since.

Around the 12 month mark I noticed how worn the tread was, in all the time and weathers I've worn these my feet have gotten wet twice, each time after walking through long grass so I can't help but think the water wicked down through the tops. In the 1st picture you can see the sole is worn out in places on the heal on the right.

Despite how worn they are I still throw them on when I'm taking the boys out, they're kinda like throwing on a favourite pair of slippers and they're still holding up. The laces are royally screwed the "sheath" has peeled back but they still work.

I walk in these on average between 5-10 miles a day sometimes a little more (never less than 5) depending but 5-10 is a fair average, so these have lasted quite well for a budget boot.

So in summary these are fairly hard wearing mid to long term, definitely a good buy short term.

Comfy straight out the box no wearing in period.
Budget price.
Ugly as fuck (sorry for the profanity but they really are)

4/5 overall and they only lose a point for being fugly.

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