Saturday, 6 February 2016

Ultra Fire Q5: REVIEW

This is in my honest opinion one of the cheapest torch's everyone should own should own,

You can often pick them up for between £2-£3:50 if you shop around. For less than a Fenix Torch of the same dimensions you can buy several of these and have them dotted about your kits, pockets, car and home.

Body Material: Aluminium
Light Source: LED Bulb
Features: Zoomable 300ml Flashlight
Modes: High, Low, Strobe.
Power: 1 x AA Battery


Cheap (affordable) 
Well Made (feels solid)
Small enough to slip in a pocket
Good Battery life
Strong Pocket Clip
Glass Breaker (self defense) Ridges
Single AA battery (AA batteries are common in many products so replacements will not be hard to find)


No memory, once you turn the torch off next time you turn it on it'll light up with the next mode in sequence be that full beam, low beam or strobe. No biggy if like me you cycle it to strobe before you turn it off so when you switch back on its on full beam, even without doing this you get a lot of torch for your money and this is honestly the only negative I can think of with this torch. 

1 comment:

  1. Can't knock them for the money, running on one battery is a massive bonus.
    Another pro is that they come in a multitude of colours so if you are a kit tart you can find one to match, or you can have different colours for each family member so they don't get mixed up