Sunday, 7 February 2016

Poundland Headtorch: REVIEW

3x LED Head Torch, requires 3x AAA batteries for the grand total of £1.

I wasn't expecting much for the money, opening the packaging it feels very light weight that said obviously the batteries add weight making it feel a little more solid as well.

First off you need to remove the back to get the batteries in, 2 small screws and a button to depress and this is the first negative you need a micro/precision screwdriver, you could do away with the screws altogether it holds shut quite well on it's own. One can only imagine this would be finicky in the dark or under pressure. The magnet on the back offers alternative mounting options around the home.

The torch slides up onto the headband bracket for me this is the second negative, while it locks quite solidly into place I feel it would be better if it slid down onto the bracket.

The headband is a thick soft elastic and acts as the padding between your head and the torch bracket, the torch sits quite comfortably on your forehead. The third negative is the torch is set in a fixed position, however although I've called it a negative it's a very small one as the torch angle is set at just the right angle for walking/ reading.

You will not be using this head torch to go lamping rabbits, landing aircraft, dazzling intruders or warning ships off the rocks along the sea shore. However having sat in the dark under the stairs (yeah I really did that) this gives off more than enough light to stop you stumbling around in the dark and tripping over the cat during a power cut or other situation where you need a little bit of light.

Honestly I haven't played around with it enough to comment on battery life, I'm loath to switch it on just to run the batteries down for the sake of a blog post. I did try to see if anyone had done a battery life test on this but I couldn't find what I was looking for, however I did find a youtube review on one of these comparing it favourably to the original Petzel Tikka:

We'll call this £2 if you include buying the batteries from the same shop, for an emergency give away or starting kit point,  honestly in my humble and very inexperienced with head torch's opinion you will be hard pressed to spend £2 better.

I'll be sticking this in the house emergency box and grabbing another 2 for my daughters who are off to Towers Outdoor Education Centre with the school.

If buying this for personal use you may well want to consider upgrading this at a later date as funds allow or you may well be surprised and impressed with this item (they survived a week at Towers in the hands of 2x 10yr olds) and keep it purely for emergencies.


  1. looks like it would be a good cheap addition to the kids kits, I'll have to keep an eye out for them next time I'm in town

    1. Bear in mind £1 shop do a couple of different head torches and from what I've read the others aren't as good as these, you should easily be able to tell the difference,

      Stay safe.