Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Family Foraging

The girls are always willing to try new things, often we go out and pick from the hedgerows as a family. Well this being the start of the 6 (7) weeks holiday and my frugal mindedness (ok I'm a tight arse) I took them down to the local woods to see what they could remember and what was about.

Cherries are starting to come through but not quite ready yet, the blackberrys are popping through green so nowhere near ready both girls remembered the correct way to pick and roll nettle leaves which I was really impressed with and Charlotte remembered her personal favourite Jack by the Hedge she loves the smell. I did start to get worried earlier in the year as Charlotte took more than a passing fancy to Hawthorn Blossom she couldn't pass a tree without snagging a handful.

Amber spotted the cleavers and burdock, I promised her we'd get some burdock for them to try over the coming weeks.

The Raspberry's are out in full force:

And both girls got their first taste of thistle, under the instruction to suck, chew and spit out the pith:

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  1. great post mate, can't beat a family day out in the wild