Saturday, 4 April 2015

Anglo Arms Nomad: REVIEW


420 Stainless Steel
2 Tone (red & black) G10 Scales
Overall Length 220mm
Blade Length 105mm
Blade Width 31mm
Blade Thickness 3.7mm
Compound (double) Bevel (Not scandi as I've seen one reviewer claim)
Price £8:99 Delivered (Now at £12:99)

So I've been playing with this for 3-4 days now, batoning, slicing, piercing, gouging, scraping and feather sticks..........

 The Nomad holds it's edge surprisingly well and despite it's size it has some weight to it and managed some light (very light) chopping. I've touched up the edge once more out of habit than need.

The sheath is nylon, you have the options for vertical or horizontal (scout) carry on the loops.
It's comes with a ferro rod loop and small pouch. the pouch is hollow and the loop too small for any normal sized rods, honestly the pouch and loop are useless and just add bulk to the sheath so I'll be removing these in the near future.
The securing strap fastens with velco I'll be swapping that out for a popper it's no biggy considering the price, even so the knife stays in the sheath quite securely without the strap being fastened.
The welt is some sort of cardboard/hardboard not leather as I've seen claimed by one reviewer 

It's basically a poormans Rob Bayley ( for those of you who don't know Rob Bailey made the original knife used and abused by Bear Grylls.

I have to admit I'm really impressed with this knife for the money, it's not the best knife for the money a Mora or Hultafors would give you more knife for the money but only slightly. For someone looking for something a little different, a project to customize or a half decent knife for coastal foraging they could do a lot worse.

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