Sunday, 1 March 2015

Onwards and Upwards.

Things have been all over the place the last 6 months or so, we didn't sell our house so have pulled off the market for a while with a view to getting back to normal we've been at a stand still really.
I've still been getting out with the boys but due to feeling unsettled I've not had much inclination to post. Things are settling down again and I'll soon be in a new routine so hopefully that will settle me down and I can get back into things.

A break in the weather:

 Jews ear fungus (again):

Chickweed (almost 100% sure):

Looking for dinner:

I've seen a few lads down this part ferreting, I just wish they'd take their crap back out with them:

I just thought this looked really cool:

Ice Skating Dogs:

The first cleavers coming through:

There's a locked gate both ends of this lane, so how did they get down here to torch the van?

DD found dinner: 

I have a few projects on the go, I've started making myself a walking stick (yeah I know cut a branch and there you go) but I wanted something that'd last and be personal so it's been seasoning and I've started doing a little burn work, it'll get its own follow up post in a couple of weeks.

Also I've been trying to find out who owns a piece of woodland locally with a view to gaining a permission with no joy as of yet, I'm considering setting up a discreet semi-permanent camp in one of the local wooded area's providing I can keep it away from the prying eyes of the local youths.

Still working on plant I.D. the peg knife I made is standing up well and I'm working on my fire lighting all of which will feature in their own follow up posts this coming year.

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