Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Crude DIY Axe Mask

Decided to try using my hatchet again over the camp knife, for safety's sake I need an axe mask. It's a cheap (but effective) hatchet by Draper so I don't need anything fancy, initially I was going to scavenge the leather from a old pair of work boots, unfortunately a slight slip with the knife put paid to that idea.

Having a sulk in the shed and mulling over my next move I spotted the original sheath to my bastard knife and had a eureka moment.

Removed the belt loop as surplus to requirements:

I then removed the rivets, punched 2 holes through both sides and stitched across the top and reinforced the stitches down what will become the front of the mask:

Next I removed the excess leather from the top and made a slit to join the 2 holes:

To finish off I just needed a securing strap, so I fished an old piece of webbing out of the craft box and cut to size:

It's not pretty but it's secure and effective.

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