Tuesday, 27 May 2014

MOD British Army Survival Knife sheath and mods

I don’t have the official blurb on the knife, high carbon steel and hardwood handle is the best I’ve been able to come up with.
It’s thick heavy and solid Winking smile it’s been used for chopping, digging, prying and hammering the coating has scratched there have even been a couple of nicks in the blade that have had to be worked out.
I got the MOD Survival Knife when I first started getting into the outdoors around 1998, I opted for the leather sheath which with hindsight was a mistake.
The scales on the handle are raised above the tang and the rear portion of the guard got in the way, sanding the scale flush with the tang and filing off the rear guard didn’t take too much effort.
The retaining/ securing strap is in my humble opinion poorly thought out, it’s at the wrong end of the knife handle.
Hang the knife upside down as could happen with a slip or fall and it slides out exposing a large portion of the bare blade Sad smile .

A few weeks ago I saw a WessexBlades Youtube video where he did a sheath mod and I thought I’d give it a go tonight.
Grabbing the hole punch and and old leather belt I fashioned another securing strap:

I need to get an awl and leather needle at which time I’ll be adding a firesteel loop between the rivets along the front of the sheath, I will update the blog as the modifications come along.

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