Sunday, 18 May 2014

Car Boot Finds

This morning the sun was shining so it was up with the sparrows to see what bargains could be found at the local car boot sale, the good weather guaranteed a decent turnout.

SnugPak Response Pak £3 all zips and clips work as they should, it smells of cigarettes but I’ll put it through the washer Winking smile
Official Blurb:
Volume: Approx 5 L
Weight: 440 g
Material: 600D/PVC polyester Ripstop
There are plenty of reviews on youtube and outdoors sites, I didn’t really need it but I thought for the price it was worth a look if I can’t find a use it’ll be sure to sell at a profit on ebay.

Tramontina Lock Knife £1, no official blurp it’s inox stainless steel with a plastic/rubber grip.
A while ago I was looking for some decent quality but cheap kitchen knives to do some sort of conversion, found a set of Tramontina kitchen knives for £2 and they ended up being such good quality they replaced the Sabatier set as main users. Seeing this folding knife gave me goosebumps at the possibilities, it’s surgical sharp upon removing the packaging there’s a little play but will tighten it up and should be fine as an emergency kit knife.

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