Saturday, 26 April 2014

Review: Danner Boots: Waterproof Camouflage Boots 42212

About 6 years ago I spotted several pairs of Danner Boots in TK-Maxx for £60, I couldn’t pass up the bargain even though they didn’t have my size I opted for the next size up.
Official Blurb:
Made with full-grain, abrasion-resistant leather and Cordura, these Danner boots are adorned with CamoHide, the camouflage pattern that is dyed through the leather. Inside these very tough boots is a Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable Cambrelle nylon lining to keep you dry and comfortable. The Terra Force support system can be found in the shank and sole construction for durable stability in treacherous conditions. The Danner Predator TF outsole offers claw-like gripping action for traction that is incomparable. You will be at your very best wearing these boots because they offer advantages that other military boots do not offer.These Danner 42212 Pronghorn GTX Waterproof 8 Inch Terra Force Boots are designed for safety and they have all the features to prove it. They are rigidly durable and tough, comfortable and waterproof, and solidly camouflaged to complement the rest of your gear and keep you hidden in dangerous situations.
Six Years on and time is starting to show, bare in mind these boots have done some miles in all weathers across all sorts of terrain.

A little faded in places and a little tired but still with plenty of life left in them.

The biggest sign of their age is the leather lifting slightly around the heal (Quick superglue fix) and a cracking of the leather on the one boot.


These boots have stood the ravages of time, neglect, abuse and still have plenty of life left in them although ordinarily I don’t like to spend about £50 on boots buying these at £60 was still a bargain the updated version can be had for $152.94 - $189.99 (I cant find an UK outlet) on Amazon and worth every penny (cent) if my own pair are anything to go by.

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