Sunday, 13 April 2014


I’ve never been a huge fan of the multi-tool I’ve carried a small one on my key chain for about 8 years and only had need of the pliers once (even that wasn’t that big a deal). I did buy a Jack Pyke Multi-tool a couple of years ago the thing is solid built like a tank, bloody heavy with a solid locking mechanism on all the tools including 2 knife blades it’s a tad illegal to carry EDC my current EDC knife is illegal but the Kershaw Whiskey Gap is a lot less threatening to look at.
With that said walking around the car boot sale this morning I came across a stall with a box full of Multi-tools and S.A.K’s, when he said the multi-tools were only £2 I went through the box until I found one I liked the look of it was stamped DSL and with a safe but non-locking blade I thought it’d be worth a trial.
Here are my 3 Multi-tools Jack Pyke, DSL, Keychain.

The Key chain tool is spring assisted:


It has all the usual bits and bobs pliers, knife, screw drivers the ever important bottle opener Winking smile:


Stays closed with a nifty little latch that also attaches to your key ring:


The Jack Pyke, 2 blades 1 plain 1 serrated a really aggressive saw and working file (as well as the usual bits and bobs and 4 pairs of spanners)


It’s a really good tool BUT ignoring the legal issues too heavy for pocket or belt pouch EDC:


The DSL, 1 non-locking blade (Notice how the tool prevents it from closing on fingers in pic4) , a poor saw (ok for notching) which is also a small file, 3 pairs of spanner slots and the usual screw drivers etc:


As the DSL will be replacing my Kershaw as I trial it:


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