Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Review: DSL Multi-Tool


OK, so I’ve been using this multi-tool for EDC for about a week now, I looked for any and every opportunity I could to use as many of the tools on there as possible and all I can honestly say is I like it.
The knife takes and holds an edge well, the thickest thing I’ve cut with it is an octi-bin 4-5ft tall cylindrical cardboard container, it’s just shy of 1cm thick but from top to bottom it went through like a hot knife through butter.

I’ve used the pliers to straighten nails for fixing pallets and the wire stripper and screwdrivers for plugs and other screwdriver tasks, all work as they should. The one and ONLY let down for me is the saw, as mentioned previously it’s only really any good for notching.
I did a Google search on DSL Multi-Tool, I found one place selling for £45 that’s it precious little information other than that.
I’m going to continue using and carrying this for the foreseeable, should it fail at any point I’ll update the blog accordingly.

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