Saturday, 8 February 2014

What I’ve been upto…..

Nothing much going on in the way of Bushcraft of late, just after Yule my 3yr old niece was diagnosed with Leukemia and we’re currently trying to sell our house with a view to moving to another part of the country.
We’ve been given the opportunity to move to Wales/ Herefordshire with work, however we’re currently looking at the Northeast of England. With affordable housing (if we can get what we’re after on this place we could go mortgage free) lots of opportunities for Bushcraft, friendlier people and the area’s we’re looking at being more suited for Preparedness/Survivalist mind-set and concerns.

Last weekend we were up at 3am and out the house by 4 for the 4hr drive to Newbiggin By the Sea, it was more or less a straight run up the A1 with both the kids and the dogs suffering from travel sickness we wanted to allow plenty of time (The kids travel sickness tablets worked on both them and the dogs so needn’t have worried).
After asking for information on the area via a survivalist forum I no longer frequent, I was told it was grim and should be avoided like the plague. Imagine my surprise when we found it to be anything but, with a couple of small exceptions in one of the residential area’s the streets were relatively clean and litter free, the people……….. the ones we met and spoke too were exceptionally friendly, completely out of the blue one old gent even offered me the use of his compressor if mine wasn’t upto the job as I topped up the tyres in the carpark at Church point.
The town is small but not unpleasantly so, we had appointments to view 3 houses but only got to view 2 as the estate agent for the 3rd claimed to have no record of us, despite telling me they’d call me back they called back on the wife’s phone number so obviously had our details.
Some Random Pictures from our day:
Sun Up!!

These figures (The Couple sculpture) out at sea apparently had the locals in an uproar as distasteful and disrespectful:

No one seems to mind the smaller two though:

January weather and a brisk wind coming in off the North Sea couldn’t keep us off the beach (although it deterred the wife from staying for long):

The Church:

The rock pools at Church Point:

The Lifeboat House:

The Last Pub Before Norway Smile

It’s definitely a contender and still on our list if the right house come's up at the right price, still plenty of other area’s to see and explore in the meantime.

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  1. We're a friendly bunch up here best kept secret in the uk