Sunday, 17 November 2013

DIY Greenlands Style Wax, Water Proofing Pt1


I’ve had my wax jacket for a few years now and although it’s stood the test of time to continue it’s usefulness I decided it could do with reproofing. You can buy a small 100g block of Greenlands Wax for £8-£10, I made 2 blocks totalling 552g’s for less than half that.


We had some Beeswax left over from wifies candle making and other projects and she kindly ordered me some paraffin wax for this project of mine.



Weighed out to roughly 1 Part Beeswax to 10 Part Paraffin:




Because of the higher melting temp we decided to start with the beeswax and to cut it up into smaller pieces to aid with the melting time:




Putting it into a double boiler (Wife’s old wax melting saucepan) and stirring occasionally to aid the process:




Once the beeswax starts to melt add roughly an equal quantity of paraffin wax and continue stirring as it melts:




Once these 2 have melted add the rest of the paraffin wax all the while stirring:




Once all the wax has melted, remove from the heat an allow a couple of minutes to cool before pouring into moulds:




We used a couple of old butter tubs as moulds:




It only takes a couple of hours for it to set although we left if 24hrs and they more or less fell out of the moulds (the slight discolouration on the left is wax I spilt and scraped off the breadboard and added as it was setting in the tub):




In part 2 hopefully over the next week (definitely by the end of next weekend) I’ll be applying it to my jacket and maybe trousers too as the winter is upon us.


  1. I used the same method as you, but found the use of blocks cumbersome and leaving and uneven pattern/layer.
    next time I'll try "painting" it on using the molten mixture.

    1. Hi Ron, Thanks for the comment.
      Not sure how I'll get on with the blocks, I think I may have made them a little too big. I'll start on my coat and if I find it too awkward I may melt and brush on although I did consider doing so initially I was worried it'd be uneven and I'd run out of wax.

      We live and learn.