Sunday, 24 November 2013

DIY Greenland's Style Wax, Water Proofing Pt2


Finally got around to reproofing my coat this afternoon, all in all it went better than I hoped and only took a couple of hours. I was concerned over the block size, that it may prove to cumbersome but it was an unwarranted concern.

Emptying all my pockets and laying the coat flat, I mentally divided the coat into sections 3 each side at the front and 2 to aside on the rear, I applied the first coating of wax:




Paying special attention to all the seams/stitches, I then went over it with the hair dryer. Originally I was unsure whether to use the hair dryer or heat gun but opted for the hair dryer:



After just the first coat there was a noticeable colour difference, it’s only when the material cools however that you also notice a difference in the texture of the fabric:




All together I put 4 coats on but went a little extra on the shoulders and hood, the hood I removed and did separately for ease:



All in all I’m quite pleased with how this has turned out and the money I saved making my own. As commented in Pt1 it may be easier to paint the molten wax on instead of solidifying into a block, although I’m not sure but I would hazard a guess more wax would be used initially using this method (maybe too much).

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