Wednesday, 30 October 2013

New Family Tent.

Urban Escape akashi 4 person tent pack.
Not sure if anyone uses bargain sites such as hotukdeals or moneysavingexpert but my wife does and she spotted this bargain the other day and couldn’t resist:
As mentioned previously in 2012 we went camping and despite the venue being a disappointment we had a good time, our tent left a little to be desired so spotting this bargain and after doing a quick search and reading nothing but positive reviews on the tent we decided it was worth a gamble for £50.

Yesterday the big box of goodies arrived:

I wasn’t expecting the holdall so it came as a nice surprise:

It has good strong handles both ends for picking up. The one strap handle enables you to lift and pull along on it’s wheels it also sports two solid runners to keep it from being dragged along the ground and ruining the fabric.

It also sports to robust looking webbing cinch straps with quick release buckles:

Opening the holdall reveals the goods:

First things first, the sleeping bags. There doesn’t appear to be a rating on the bags, I would hazard a guess at them being 2 season they come with a stuff sack (not compression) but are a good size. I managed to fit my “large” 6’ 4” in with plenty of room top and bottom although a little snug around the chest and feet:
IMG-20131029-01017IMG-20131029-01018 We all have better sleeping bags so these will be reserved for when guests stop over Winking smile.

Also contained within the holdall were 2 double airs beds and air pump with car lighter adapter:

There are 2 lanterns one large one has a hook for hanging up in the main admin area of the tent and a smaller one……… for whatever you use small lanterns for:
And yes the larger one has a compass on the top Smile, it kinda sorta works:IMG-20131029-01025

I’ve yet to erect the tent due to “inclement weather” however I will remedy this once we have a dry spell and do a follow up blog entry. All in all for £50 even if we only use it 1 or 2 times a year I figure we have a bargain and it was money well spent. If the worst ever comes to the worst and we have to leave our home for whatever reason (yes I’m one of those) then at least we’ll have a roof over our heads.

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