Monday, 28 October 2013

My BushCraft Coat.

I don’t write a lot about clothing because the subject is done to death and biased by the authors personal preferences, hey this is my blog I figure if I can’t demonstrate bias here then where can I? Smile I see lots of references to mil surplus, gore-tex and such but very few to the good old waxed jacket, after my personal experience I can’t help but wonder, why not? As I’m about to do a tutorial on my DIY reproofing I thought I’d do a quick review of the coat itself.

I bought this waxed jacket a few years ago at the carboot sale, I believe they were factory seconds the chaps selling had LOADS in various sizes in mint condition at £5 a go.
This is a full sized jacket and comes to around mid thigh when worn.

It has a detachable hood, affixed with press studs.


After trying several on I settled on an oversized jacket. Despite the size on the label I still cannot do the top press stud up while wearing a polo neck or scarf, it just sits too snuggly to allow however that said I’ve not been found wanting.


It had an elasticated cuff which came to mid forearm which was bloody uncomfortable and needed to be removed.


The zipper doesn’t travel the length of the garment but ends around waist level, allowing for freedom of movement of the legs.


I once made the mistake of fastening all the press studs whilst mucking about in the undergrowth, which resulted in the ripping and loss of the lowest press stud. I repaired the damage but never got around to replacing the stud.

Once I didn’t fasten one of the pockets properly which ended up getting snagged and torn, again nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a needle and thread.

It has 4 good sized outer pockets, and 1 “poachers” pocket inside.


Windproof, waterproof, hardwearing and relatively quiet whilst moving through the undergrowth searching those shy and elusive wild foragables  Winking smile, PLUS it’s GREEN Open-mouthed smile.  If you can drop on a bargain as I did, I can only tell you my experiences have been nothing but positive.

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  1. I have worn waxproof gear for the last 30+ years.
    Heavy and bulky,but bomb proof and practical for day hikes fishing,hunting.Good around fires,plus the older they get the better they look....Wabi Sabi for me i guess.