Sunday, 6 October 2013

Ello Ello Ello

So there I am in the middle of nowhere, 2 lurchers running havoc and a catapult in my pocket and I run into the bizzies. While one couldn’t get away fast enough the other stopped and chatted for a few minutes before leaving to catch his mate up. They’d apparently been to a local carboot sale scaring the DVD and cigarette guys and by the looks of it decided for a skive at my favourite lake to kill some time during their shift.
Fair do’s it’s been a beautiful day today and I couldn’t blame them really although if my last shot hadn’t missed 1 minute previously my meeting them might have been a little awkward (Lucky  pigeon or lucky me?).


  1. Lucky escape,i have grown eyes in the back of my head over the years!.
    Good luck for next times foraging walk.

    1. Something I'm going to have to be aware of in future, I got used to rarely seeing anyone unless they were upto no good :)
      Thanks for stopping by take care

  2. I'd call that last one a lucky shot!
    But hey, those folks are just people too, y'know..