Saturday, 7 September 2013

Homemade Dangler

As mentioned previously in the blog Condor Sapiens has filled a knife shaped hole in my heart, unfortunately like the Bushlore the sheath rides high on the belt. I’m no craftsman or leather worker however what I lack in know how I try to make up for with enthusiasm and creativity.
I made myself a dangler using a split ring and a piece of old belt:
Using the Sapiens I trimmed the edges of the belt to make the leather strip narrower:
Then punched 2 holes either end, originally I wanted to put 1 eyelet between the 2 ends sealing it into a loop BUT the eyelets weren’t deep enough so I settled for 1 in each hole:
I fitted the split ring over the belt loop of the Sapiens sheath and then looped the leather strap through the ring:
The next problem was how to secure the open end, I thought I’d keep it simple and used a piece of cord I had laying about in the craft box. I deliberately kept it long so if required it can double as a neck knife:

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