Sunday, 15 September 2013

Getting out…..

My luck finally turned this weekend, the twins held their 9th birthday party fortunately for me some of their friends are scared of dogs Open-mouthed smile so I got out for a few hours for the end of Summer start of Autumn. Didn’t do much other than identify some forgeables, explore and enjoy the countryside, sometimes it’s better than a holiday for recharging.
The woods, fields and hedgerows were virtually alive with butterflies, the vast majority were Cabbage Whites, although occasionally there was a flash of colour.
IMG-20130914-00865South Staffordshire-20130914-00868
No idea what this little guy was but if I was too guess I’d say a speckled wood butterfly (I’d probably be wrong)

Found several apple tree’s and blackberry bushes obviously long forgotten (no pictures) and explored a little copse unfortunately not so with the usual signs of feral youth encroachment Sad smile.
We made our way along the Essington – Ashmore Park border and back down to Northycoat Farm:
Cut through an area I believe is private land that backs onto the farm although there is no clear border and no signs just the remnants of barbed wire fence that isn’t really there anymore.
We found the remains of a couple of badly in need of finishing or repair shelters:


  1. Hey, do you regularly see mushrooms on you bush craft forays? Ive been using for a while to learn how to recognise the most common edible mushrooms but I still dont feel confident when I see them, any tips?

    1. Hi, thanks for reading and commenting, any tip? Yeah don't mess with mushrooms ;o)
      I have 3 books and a couple of websites I cross reference with, even so there are only a couple of easily recognisable mushrooms I actually eat.
      The only actual tip I would be willing to give anyone regarding mushrooms is: Get first hand professional tuition.