Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wild Cherry (Prunus avium)

Spotted these, was fairly confident what it  was but did a double check just to be sure:
South Staffordshire-20130727-00678


The leaf is quite distinctive:
South Staffordshire-20130727-00677
However this is the real give away:
Wolverhampton-20130730-00718Wolverhampton-20130730-00719 (lil nodes near leaf stem)

There are a couple of Cherry tree’s along this stretch but the funniest part for me was after I’d confirmed it was what I thought it was, today about 1 mile away from the spot these pictures were taken I came across another… As is often the case with foragable foods once you have it stored in your head you keep spotting them, which is good if you’re intending to keep at it because it can be embarrassing how easy many are to forget.

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