Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Review: Condor Bushlore.

As mentioned yesterday I became the proud owner of a Condor Bushlore,  unfortunately I won’t get to play with it properly until Sunday.
The knife itself is solidly built but bigger than I thought it would be and indeed bigger than I’m used to in a utility knife. It feels big and clumsy atm something more on par with Bahadur my camp knife than a general use blade, it’s definitely no neck knife. No doubt regular handling will soon make me more comfortable with it.
The blade is 4¼ inches long:

And 1¼ spine to belly at it’s widest point:

The handle being just shy of 5inches:

It came sharp, there was a slight rolling towards the tip but a quick flash on the butchers steel sorted it out straight and shaved the hairs on my arm.
I personally am not keen on the sheath as it is, it rubs on the handle which I personally don’t like:
That said it’s a bloody well made sheath especially when you consider the knife cost £26 but I feel it rides a little high on my belt.

I shall either make it into a dangler or get another sheath if I decide this is the knife I want to go with for the foreseeable.
I can definitely see me putting some jimping on the back, it works great on the mora for throwing sparks off the ferro rod Smile and maybe a little artwork on the handle to personalise and add texture.

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