Saturday, 8 June 2013

Pocket Fishing Kit.

I’m not a fisherman, I know the rudimentary basics (Attach a hook to a line, attach bait to the hook and drop it in the water and yes I know fishermen all over the net are cussing me reading that) hopefully this will be remedied shortly by my friend Mandy who is very keen on fishing. I have however acquired a few bits and bob’s over the years some gifted bought on sale or found along the waters edge.
I decided to make use of a Strepsils Tube I had laying about, it turned out quite well and although I haven’t used it yet I’m quietly confident it will get the job done.
Nice and small it fits in the hand and pocket np’s:

I used Yellow, Red and Black insulation tape to divide it up, I have some notion the tape will come in handy although until used proven or disproven I won’t say more. The top section holds nylon cord, the bottom section approx 12-14ft of 25lb test fishing line (I did say I wasn’t a fisherman). The fishing line and nylon cord are both covered by ranger bands:

Inside is a small tube (used to hold beads in the craft box) and under that are some small eyelets and fake bait.

The tube contains several small hooks and split shot in a sealed baggy, a piece of foam mat that serves as a float and a piece of silver foil (I’ve heard of wrapping your shot in foil to help attract the fish, I thought it couldn’t hurt to try):

All that’s left to do is take it out and try Surprised smile as usual any feed back or suggestions appreciated.

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