Sunday, 9 June 2013

My solo Cook set.

A recent thread on Survivalistboards has inspired me to post my cook set. Everything save for the spoon has been repurposed to make a component, I based the idea on the Russian nesting dolls.
Cutlery strainer stove and Stainless steel tea caddy with a wire coat hanger handle: The strainer was £3 from PoundStretcher and the Caddy £1 from the market.

Inside we have another smaller caddy type container a tea spoon and a small metal bowl that serves as a cup (also 2 cut down tent pegs): The Bowl/Cup came as part of a set from £1 shop it had a plastic lid originally but that was surplus to requirements, the smaller caddy was 50p from a charity shop.

The bowl holds just under the amount of liquid you’d get in a mug.

The whole thing unpacked including the budget cooker seen previously in the Blog and a couple of solid fuel tablets: Budget Cooker



  1. I love stainless steel cookware!! I think everyone should own some…no worries about contamination and it cooks so nicely..cookings set