Monday, 29 April 2013

Found an old friend yesterday

Found my old Opinel 8 yesterday, I’d not seen this knife for the better part of 12months.
I thought I’d lost it which was quite upsetting, my wife bought it for me as a present from the twins their first Christmas 8yrs (nearly 9yrs) ago.

The handle is just the plain beech wood however time, dirt, blood, oil and skin grease have given it a darker hue than the norm, this was my EDC knife and used nearly everyday for about 5-6yrs both in the factory I worked at, at the time and in the woods bumming around.
I once asked someone in the tool room to touch it up for me on a stone, I caught him running it over a belt sander Surprised smile…… lesson learnt never give your knife to someone else.
It’s still a lovely knife though and I’m really glad I found it again, it’s now sitting in my foraging bag ready to be used again.


  1. Rustic,practical and elegant.
    I also love them.


  2. I know the feeling.
    happened to me and my old armyknife. Luckily we have been reunited after a while, too.
    My kids use those Opinels, which I personalised for them.