Friday, 29 March 2013

Pheasant tracks in the snow.

Went up by the lake again today, unfortunately due to massive snow drifts I missed these tracks the other day as I had to take a different route. Today was more or less our usual route and I found the tracks to what can only be described as a pheasant rave, either it’s one or 2 REALLY busy birds or a heck of a lot more about than I first thought all going in the same direction.


IMG-20130327-00235South Staffordshire-20130327-00236South Staffordshire-20130327-00237South Staffordshire-20130329-00250South Staffordshire-20130329-00251


That was it for today, due to twisting my knee on ice on the walk out we didn’t stop out much above an hour.

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