Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Review: Khukuri/ kukri (Nepalese potato peeler………)

A few days ago I received a text message from and old online friend (Pete)asking for my home address, we’d exchanged gifts in the past so I didn’t think twice about forwarding it on. Especially after him mentioning he’d seen a “potato peeler” he thought I’d like, I was more than a little intrigued.
Yesterday the postman came, I know because I heard a THUD as something landed in the passageway.

The box was some size and had some weight to it,  Loki showed an immediate interest.

It came with a note…

So by this time I have some clue….

Loki is getting really agitated by this point…….

Diesel however is really not interested…..

WOW!!……… Honesty I was speechless, grinning from ear to ear like a kid at Xmas according to the Mrs……

Karda and chakmak…

18” end to end…….

Whilst not hair popping sharp it was more than sharp enough, I had some seasoned birch I was going to use to make a bindrune seeing as the bindrune was intended for Pete’s wife it seemed fitting the first cuts I make with this beautiful blade be for this.

Not only did the weight take all the effort out of the chop it made light work of the shaving I needed to do also.

Just for a giggle a size comparison between my new beast and the ole bastard bushcraft knife I usually use….

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