Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow day……

After repeatedly checking the updates online last night and again at 6:30 this morning despite the majority of schools being closed locally I was convinced I’d have a day to myself to play in the snow…. Wifey checked just prior to leaving the house as I was clearing the drive and told the kids to get changed out of uniform SNOW DAY!!

An unusual event for their school and a little last minute but there goes my day instead of several hours of playing I was down to just over an hour about as long as they can stand being cold and wet.

Some random pic’s from the mornings walk:




Remembering the task of winter foraging I’d set myself I decided to have a looksee what I could find to eat, the picking for my untrained eye were slim to say the least.

I spotted some hawthorn bushes with a few wintery worse for the wear leaves and haws:



Some rose hips, maybe enough for a couple of brews:



Protein would have featured high on the menu, without the over of leaves the birds were easy to spot. Plenty of pigeon and blackbirds about getting close enough for a shot with the catapult would have been a nightmare with 2 manic kids and deranged dogs whooping and barking as the kids snow balled the dogs and the dogs tried to catch them.

Just managed these shots of a Blackbird before it took fright: (not very good shots but on my phone the distance was about 12-15ft)



Salvaged the morning with a snowball fight and making snow angels Smile got home and it was hot chocolates with marsh mellows all around, off out again shortly to make the obligatory snowman Winking smile.

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