Sunday, 20 January 2013

It’ll be all white on the night!

Nothing much bushcrafty to report, been out and about got a new phone to take pic’s on as I found out the hard way, Blackberry phones don’t like a hot wash Surprised smile.

Snow started in Thursday night/ Friday morning, come Friday afternoon I parked the car on the driveway and declared it off the road for at least 24hrs. The incoming snowfall stopped sometime Friday night and all through Saturday no fresh fall……….. Sometime Saturday night/ Sunday morning it came back in with a vengeance.

The scene out the back on Friday:



So we went for a walk down Northycoat Farm on Saturday: (Not sure but it seemed a kind of new experience to Diesel)



Some of random pic’s:




If you stare really hard you’ll see a Robin Redbreast (honest):



Snowmen, snowball fights and tantrums nothing like a winter walk in the woods to make you feel at peace.

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