Thursday, 31 January 2013

Catching up…


As everyone in the UK knows last week we had a bit of weather Smile, as usual loving being in the outdoors and too daft to know any better I didn’t let it keep me in.

Finally after months of stalking (no I’m not kidding dogs scare the lil sod away) Friday 25th January I finally managed to get within catapult range of this fella!



Pheasant didn’t make the menu as unusually for me whilst mooching I didn’t have it on me Sad smile. I probably enjoy the stalk more than I would the meal so it’s all good fun Open-mouthed smile.


Saturday was another snowy day so I went for a mooch and we came across this little fella playing in the snow:

South Staffordshire-20130126-00074South Staffordshire-20130126-00076South Staffordshire-20130126-00077

Not sure if it was a ferret or a weasel although if pushed I’d say ferret, escaped domestic/worker or wild I have no idea but he/she had no fear of  Diesel they stood nose to nose for several seconds whilst I was fumbling to get the camera on my phone up, then posed for the camera once I’d leashed the dog and took these shots.


Found some fresh nettles poking through the melting snow, so that’s one consistent winter green.



We also found some Gorse in flower:


I’m not a huge fan although I’ll admit they tasted a little sweeter than when last I tried in 2012 (yup just a few short months ago) I find the hairy flowers difficult to eat without a drink to wash it down with but still doable.


Went up by my favourite lake, plenty of people sign in the way of foot prints in the snow. The lake was frozen in 2 different shades thicker and thinner ice would be my guess I didn’t venture out to try it, although whilst getting my phone out Loki managed to get half way across the darker ice before I spotted him and called him back.

The lighter ice ends just where the birds are gathered:


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