Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Winter foraging.


The subject of winter foraging came up the other day on P2S boards, I’ll admit my knowledge has a huge wintery shaped hole in it. Whilst I’ve only just started getting back into Bushcraft and the woods this past year after what seems an eternity away and more than a little embarrassed with how much I’d forgotten never the less winter foraging was never a strong point of mine.

One gentleman put up a list of winter foragables, which doesn’t really amount to a fat lot in the way of food and what there was required cultivating (cutting back nettles and waiting a week for new growth) or processing into jams and jellies. All well and good but not really food on the hoof for the avid survivalist or intrepid bushcrafter.

8am this morning accompanied as usual with my dogs we decided on a little investigation despite the heavy frost and  the -4ºC my car thermometer was showing outside.


I didn’t find any of the usual mushrooms that are normally all over the woods and field edges, very little fresh rabbit sign, the pigeons seemed very skittish and I didn't see a single squirrel not even the warble of a pheasant which can often be heard. Crows, Magpies and Blackbirds abound though so off we went to look for edible greens……….. first to find something green…….. ok stop looking for green and start looking for something food shaped……. it wasn’t going well.

A row of 4 dog rose looking frozen and sorrowful:


Did manage to find a few rosehips though maybe enough for a brew or 2 from all 4 bushes put together:



Then out the corner of my eye I spotted a hawthorn hedge with a few haws looking a little chilled:


Tasted a lil plumy but not much flesh on them:



I followed the hedge down for about 20meters there wasn’t a lot to be found, no greens and very few haws.


Found some more rosehips:


I’m ashamed to say I’d probably starve if I needed to rely on my current knowledge base so much so this guy might have started to look appealing, after all I had my lil catapult in my pocket:



Going to need a bigger catapult:



A new winter project a head of me, try to increase my knowledge base of winter foragables and maybe put a meal on the table from the woods before winter is over.

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