Tuesday, 27 November 2012

It’s been raining


I don’t really want to talk about the weather it’s all anyone is talking about atm, I suppose to keep things current and topical I should mention it.

The Weather: It’s wet what more needs saying, over the weekend I’ve seen streams where footpaths were, a pond where a crop field stood and a stream/brook that’s turned into a river.

Of course because I’m dead hard too stupid to know any better I’m still out mucking about Smile.


Berry Brook, the waters risen about 2ft here.


And here it’s overflowed, the top picture is where scrub usually stands, I thought about making a couple of fish traps and seeing what washed up but given the local area I’m almost afraid of what would Nyah-Nyah



A new stream, this was a foot track a few days ago even though the rain had stopped several hours before taking the picture the water is still flowing.


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