Monday, 1 October 2012

Snare making

This is not the only way to make snares this is something of the way Woodga’s rabbit snaring video says he does it and it’s the way I do it now, I’m all for learning from the more experienced. There are those that have never watched the video who will tell you it’s a waste of money, the price you put on knowledge is down to the individual this video was worth every penny in my honest and humble opinion.
First thing you’ll need is a snare board, typically a long straight board with 2 pins in either end approx 48” –  50”  apart with a retaining bar across the middle.

Once you have this you take your wire, I use 24gauge brass from the craft shop, but if you’re going to be making a lot in one go you can get the wire you need from most online trap shops. Tie the end of your wire off against the middle peg and the wrap it around the nails end to end til either you run our of wire or the nails are full up.

Using small cut offs (I typically use 4 a side 2 to an end) separate the strands either side of the pins.


Then cut the wire at the midway point, this will give you 2 bundles of wire 1 from each nail with the strands of each bundle separated into 2 halves with the cut offs. Then separate 3 strands at the hooped end, place your eyelet at the apex and give the wire a couple of twists to hold it in place, continue doing this until all the wire is secured around an eyelet.
Now for braiding the wire some people use a weighted hook others use a drill, I use a weighted hook. Insert hook into eyelet then holding the other end with a pair of pliers spin until all the wire is braided.

Remove the small amount of unbraided wire at the end OR finish it off by hand/pliers. Then loop the end through the larger side of the eyelet.

If you wish you can put a hoop on the end for adding some string, as it is its ready for attaching to fences or a tealer.
The finished snare is now ready for seasoning should you wish to do so.

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