Thursday, 18 October 2012

New toy/tool revisited (again)

The theraband gold that EVERYONE raves about didn’t work for me, no idea why or what I was doing wrong I just could not get my eye in. So remembering how quickly I got my eye in when I first got it I went looking for a tube.
I ended up trying this I found on ebay from renovateleather they use 2nd class postage to keep costs down (£5:10 including postage).
Item picture
This is the sales pitch:  Looped 1745 Latex Rubber Tube Bands Catapult Slingshot
Single strand loop band set c/w leather pouch. 17cm long for full draw effectiveness and efficiency. Bands reach their maximum potential at the limit of their stretch 
I have tested these bands at 13.5 ft/lb with 188 grain lead ammo. The legal limit for an air rifle is 12 ft/lb.
And it’s on this stuff rocks I’m hitting what I aim for (most of the time) once I feel more confident I’ll consider looking to use it to fill my belly. I’ve just ordered a meter of the stuff to keep costs down I’ll make my own in future.
I still need to replace the crappy cord handle with something maybe paracord or “ranger bands” but it’s a fun toy project that might prove useful.

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