Thursday, 18 October 2012

Catching up

It’s been a funny few weeks since my last update, I’ve taken so many picture’s of different things and  been up to a little mischief but since my laptop fritzed I’m less inclined to sit at the pc and post.

Three times in the last couple of weeks I’ve come across people poaching, nothing to concern me from what I’ve seen they’ve each been looking for the pot and not profit (not much profit in rabbit). Two young lads with a ferret I wanted to stop and watch a while but they seemed uncomfortable with my presence so I moved on, one chap with a little terrier tucked under his arm stepped out of a treeline he really had no reason to be in unless up to mischief and and old boy with a little whippet lurcher who scarpered when he stumbled across us.

I’ve seen the old boy with the whippet lurcher a few times, I’m thinking of approaching him and looking for tips.


Amethyst Deceiver  Laccaria amethystina


Earth Ball Scleroderma citrinum

I found a clump of these and thought I’d hit a little puffball gold mine until I cut into it and realised what it actually was (Non edible)



Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta

Nothing special but it caught my eye basking in the sun soaking up the heat after a cold start.



I call this The Lovers 2 oak tree’s entwined……



Not sure what happened here, Silverbirch stump hollowed out just a circle of bark.



The mother of all widow makers, from a brief examination water welled at one point and the wood just rotted away until the weight of the branch and gravity did the rest.



Shaggy Parasol  Chlorophyllum rhacodes/ Macrolepiota rhacodes



Last month I posted a pic of a pond (remains from quarry work) well this is what the same place looks like at dawn as the sun is coming up.



Jews Ear/ Jelly Ear  Auricularia auricula-judae



This beech tree fell down in the winds about 2yrs ago and still has shoots growing out of it, it always fascinated me when it stood because of the unusual patterns on it, it fascinates me even more that it’s still trucking on.



The boys have taken to the water, Loki more than Diesel. Loki will swim out and try and catch the ducks while Diesel panics if his feet don’t touch the bottom.



I have pictures of other fungi to share but won’t until I have positively identified them.

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