Sunday, 23 September 2012

Summer wind down

The nights are drawing in the days are getting shorter, temperatures dropping maybe its just me but this seems the best time for foraging the fruits are ripe and the mushrooms are popping up everywhere.

Who’d have thought just the other side of that tree line in the distance is Wolverhampton, these pics as usual were taken on my phone so although the quality may not be there I hope you can see the beauty of the area.



I think this used to say Danger Keep Out kinda hard to make out without using your imagination, such a beautiful spot too.



Giant gap in the fence and a well established pathway down to the lakes edge, that sign couldn’t possibly have said Danger Keep Out. Must have been my imagination playing tricks on me, well with such an inviting pathway it would rude not to go and have a look see.



The water looked to be about 4/5ft deep and clear CRYSTAL CLEAR I could see the bottom (until the boys got in there and disturbed the mud on the bottom) ducks, swans and geese on the water with swallows playing over the surface swooping for insects.


Lake02 Lake01


Lots of Cattails and Rushes, we spent about 15 minutes here exploring the area it felt like I’d struck gold with none of the usual signs of people I’d associate with such a lovely and out of the way location….. I wonder what I missed.

Lake04 Lake03


Carrying on round on the homeward stretch of the U shaped walk (these 3 pics were taken to give a panoramic view). The lake in the last pic I believe was the result of quarry work, it’s brown and scummy looking. I’ve seen herons and ducks here as well as a fair amount of guys fishing (I’m guessing without license or permission as they always look uncomfortable if you get to close) so I’m guessing there’s fish in there BUT unfortunately there is ample evidence of human visitation discarded food packets, beer cans, fishing line and the usual crap people never fail to disappoint.



Stopped off for a bit of lunch, a few reds but the majority of the fruit was ready for my tummy.



The homeward stretch……


So far this year I’ve gotten out more than the previous 4years (my employment status has more than a little to do with it) I haven’t written about the majority of the things I’ve done or intended too, I’ll try and remedy that in the near future.

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