Saturday, 8 September 2012

New toy….

Yesterday I became the owner of this little thing....
Cat01 Cat02 Cat03
Including postage from china was less than £5 on evilbay, now I love my Blackwidow but it's a little cumbersome.
Cat07 Cat06
I wanted something I could just slip into my pocket on my way out the door, as you can see this fits the bill, I took my new toy/tool out this morning and did a little target practise, branches and such I was surprised how quickly I adapted to not having the wrist support.
Cat04 Cat05
It doesn’t have the power of the blackwidow, after a little chat with a couple of lads over on P2S forums ( ) I need to swap the bands out to get more power, as I have spares for the Blackwidow it’s something to get on Monday.

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