Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chicken of the woods revisited

Ambers been pestering me to try some since we found the last one, my wife ever the paranoid was a little reluctant but yesterday I went off down to the woods in search of our fungal friend,


Found him just where we’d left him looking a lil older and a lil bit more sorry for himself. Cutting close to the trunk but not to close to allow regrowth I scurried away home with my bounty.


I decided to keep it simple and cook it slowly in butter.




It was rather bitter, I’ll admit I over cooked it slightly but I don’t remember it being as bitter the last time I tried it, Amber was far from impressed I only wish I’d had a camera to hand to catch the expression on her face.


  1. best to boil it first then fry it or use in soups and stews.

    1. AAAhhhh boil before frying didn't know that, yeah I knew about soups and stews like I said this was just for Amber to sample.

      I thought it might have been because it was an older specimen, next time I'll definately boil first though thank you for the tip.