Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Coastal forage

We went to New Quay in west Wales for the weekend, we actually stopped in a holiday apartment 30 minutes away, no phone signal, no wifi the only noise pollution being the river that powered the mill http://www.rockmillwales.co.uk/local_area.php I can’t describe how many shades of happy I felt. We only actually went to New Quay sort of by accident on Saturday spent the day and ended up going back Sunday despite the weather turning iffy, dog friendly beachs and pubs, friendly locals good value for money in the majority of the shops and the BEST fish shop fish and chips I’ve ever had. Sat above the beach munching on fish and chips we watched dolphins playing just off the coast, apparently it’s good business http://www.newquayboattrips.co.uk/ but we made do with our vantage point.

Took the family across the to scour the rockpools and hedgerows to see what we could find, aside from the usual dandelions, nettles, thistles and blackberries we turned up some stuff that could have filled our bellies if we hadn’t already eaten that delicious fish and chips.



Beach09  Ok so it’s nothing to write home about but I was happy to spot it, at least my eyes aren’t done yet.


Edible Crab / Brown Crab Cancer pagurus

Beach05 Beach06  A bit more like it.


Mussels / Mytilus edulis

Beach08  Loads of these about I just grabbed a handful for the photo.


Winkles Littorina littorea

Beach07  Not so many of these but we found a few.


Limpets Patella vulgata,

Beach12  Lots of these about.



Beach02  Beach01 


Spiral Wrack / Fucus spiralis



Sugar Kelp / Saccharina latissima




DSCF1302 DSCF1297



DSCF1311 DSCF1307

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