Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Review: Thinsulate Patrol Boots

I originally bought these boots http://www.meanandgreen.com/army/-/Thinsulate_Patrol_Boots_%28Cadet_Style%29/2610/440.html Boot  Boot02
Boot01   Boot03 because I liked the support given by combat highs and thought they might be a lightweight alternative to my Danner Gortex for bushcraft and dog walking. Unfortunately within 3 wears one of the eyelets fell out and the material ripped. After the shop swapped for another pair I thought I was onto a winner the boots themselves are quite comfortable from the get go, then I wore them after rain. Just walking through wet grass my feet got soaked, the insoles felt like they'd sunk at the heal and have had to be replaced, I honestly didn't expect it to the point I went home and changed boots then walked exactly the same route wearing my Danner's which kept me dry and toasty.

I bought these boots on the back of the reviews on the site, I’ll not be doing that again I suggest no one else does either.

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