Sunday, 22 July 2012

Everyday Bush craft.

Recent weeks have been kind of funny, due to canine injury, catching up on jobs around the house and truly awful weather I haven’t gotten down to the woods as much as I’d have liked.

Diesel ran into some barbedwire whilst chasing a rabbit, I’ve never seen anything like it in all my 40yrs it was like he’d become unzipped a trip to the vets lots of staples and £200 later he’s on light duties. So instead of trundling off to the woods to play I’ve been encouraged to pay attention and see what’s around, been taking the boys to a local park, nice big open field no hidden dangers and a different set of challenges.

Newpark  Newpark01


Bindweed (no picture) grows along the fences all around the park area, I had no idea it was edible. Here’s a good article and links

Poplar Hawkmoth (Laothoe populi)

Found this bad boy at a local shopping centre, whilst I was pointing it out to the girls we attracted quite an audience.

Moth01  Moth


Roman Snail (Helix pomatia)

Nothing unusual or uncommon about snails, generally we don’t pay them any attention unless you hear the crunch and feel the squish underfoot after heavy rain. There a multiple recipes online for snail, often they involve Garlic. As far as I’m aware all UK snails are edible they will require purging prior to cooking, this is either done by starving or by feeding them something you know is safe to eat for 3-4days prior to cooking. I’ve only tried them once years ago, if I’m honest I didn’t chew and only tasted garlic.



Just walking down the road noticing tree’s and plants I’d never payed any attention to before due to location, crab apple and cherry tree’s on waste ground, the abundance of edible weeds on vacant lots is staggering and had me reaching for my wild food guides on more than one occasion.


  1. sorry to hear about your lurcher,i now the feeling hate a david handcock colie greyhound my self.

    1. Now that's a specialized breeder, read a little David Hancock on Hunting Life forum.