Saturday, 9 June 2012

Why no trace camping/bushcraft?

The subject came up on a forum recently and tbh although the majority of the responses were positive, I have to admit to being disturbed someone felt the need to ask in the first place.

This is the main area I bushcraft and walk the dogs I spend anywhere between 1-5 hours a day I also cover some of the surrounding countryside via public paths/walks/access the area of Northycote Farm is not large but it is peaceful.

The following were all taken this morning whilst I was out walking the dogs.

2 Pictures of the same camp

Burnt trees

2 Old scars

Glass all over the place, everyone knows people walk their dogs around here we've had a couple of trips to the vets with ripped pads.

More camps

Last but by no means least

125 poop bags cost £1 and there are bins especially for them dotted along the foot paths.

Some of the above are indeed biodegradable meanwhile they're a scar on the landscape and interfere with my enjoyment and that of other users and the local wildlife. We go out into these places to enjoy them for what they are, a better question than the one in the title would be, Why Not?

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