Monday, 25 June 2012

It's a strange world we live in:

So I'm walking the dogs yesterday Loki and Diesel and I came across the remains of a camp. I know what happened we see it every weekend some scroats go down to the woods have a few beers set fire to some stuff cook some sausages and leave a bloody mess everywhere
In the remains of the fire I spy something shiney and on closer inspection realise its a folding grill, near by are assorted carrier type bags so I snag one put the bits of this folding grill inside and continue my walk
I get home give it a clean and see its Lokkii brand I just had to smile (I'm Teutonic/Anglo Saxon Heathen) I googled it and they range in price from £10 to £28.49 depending on where you go, I didn't have all the bits so went back today and found the rest
Cleaned up and looking good

As the wife and kids have just gotten interested in camping after the Bushcraft show weekend, this’ll come in mighty useful.

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