Monday, 4 June 2012

Review: Hultafors Axe Agdor

This was a spur of the moment buy at the Bushcraft show this weekend, I don't really need another axe in fact tbh I wasn't looking to buy anything much a couple of knives sang to me and I resisted but for some reason I walked out with this.
Basically it's Hultafors version of the Gransfors Small Forest Axe at a fraction of the cost. Gransfors is £65 I payed £40, prices vary but I think I got a bargin.

It came with a flimsy edge guard that was already damaged, I wasn't too bothered as I'll either make or have one made of better quality.

No gaps or splits and the head sits solidly on the handle

I did notice a gap underneath but as the head sits solidly enough I didn't pay it too much attention, I have chopped into a seasoned tree stumps we have in the back and it's remained solid and true.

It measures a smidgen over 20" and weighs in just over 1k.

Random Pics

This may or may not replace my large knife in my bushcraft kit, I'll trial it a bit more and see how it fits in. Not a bad axe at all on 1st and 2nd impressions time will be the deciding factor.

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