Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fathers Day Walk.

Went for a walk this morning with the boys and my daughter Charlotte to clear the cobwebs and spend some time alone together, normally she has to share with her twin sister who “usually” demands more attention so it’s nice when Charlotte wants to come on a little jaunt with me.


We arrived at the farm as the dogs rollicked in the long grass we noticed little black butterfly’s taking to the air (later identified as Chimney Sweep Moths) so we spent the next 15-20minutes trying to catch them by hand. Charlotte had way more luck than me tbh I just used it as an excuse to be silly…….


Charlotte chasing moths:

FD6  FD4  FD5


The Catch(s):


FD1  FD2



Not sure what this was:


FD7  Another “moth” type.


Charlotte exploring:


FD9  FD22




FD8  FD15


Random Pic’s taken by Charlotte:


FD10  FD11 

FD12 FD13 

 FD14 FD16

FD17  FD20

FD18  FD19

FD23 FD26

FD28 FD21 This last one for some reason caught her eye as she thought it might be a fae letterbox in the tree lol. Before we knew it nearly 2 hours had gone by and it was time to head home for dinner, we went over a few wild edibles and plant I.D but mostly it was just goofing off and being together.

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